Hoyer Discusses Trump’s Ties to Russia and Intelligence Disclosures on CNN's "New Day"

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“…It is the pattern that leads one to believe that there is fire where there is so much smoke. And the investigations that are underway, not only by [Special Counsel] Bob Mueller, who I think was a good appointment and we have faith and trust in him, but in the investigations of the Intelligence Committees in the House and the Senate. And in in my view we ought to appoint a special commission similar to the 9/11 commission to look at the broader impact of Russian involvement in our elections. Not necessarily from a criminal standpoint but from an undermining of our democracy standpoint. I think you see all of these continuing small but meaningful patterns of cover up raise a great deal of concern for the American people, and we need to have a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of it.”

“[Republicans are] concerned about what the President is doing, the actions that he's taken. Yes, the disclosure of information to the Russians, and now I just saw, I think this morning and maybe it was last night, that Duterte was on the phone with President Trump and he disclosed the whereabouts of a couple of nuclear submarines, which is obviously highly classified information which should not be divulged to anybody, particularly for the safety of those men and women of the Navy who are on those ships but also for the fact that they made that information, may be even transmitted to others who are not our friends. So that I think this Administration again has been very sloppy in terms of following procedures which would protect our national security, and the President in particular. And I think it is of great concern to the Members of Congress that I talked to, including some of my Republican friends who privately, as you point out, Chris, are expressing great reservations about what this President is doing.”