Hoyer Discusses Subject Matter of Obama's Speech on WTOP Radio

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... on some thirty two just moments ago we spoke about my speech with House Majority Leader stakeholder on Maryland W. Jewell to him what don't know what poor don't it attitude toward or gender touted right out of the to assure that would oh oh and two and oh what to do or come right to a job renewed in this country , and I'm sure that it been talk about through our vision is Kurdish at the economic garage , what you did to return to school on the little old long-term official ballot for two and a healthcare regular course to him and wish , but it sure that healthcare is notable to her people and talk about the political picture of energy independence in a single turn it into a gene known to be energy independent . also of course do I make sure that we are environmentally friendly user of energy , and that you also talk about of my future of our education system is the best at the time that it took provides for the young people and not so young people in the competitive in the world marketplace in which we find ourselves . I expect those to be looked into his speech tonight to him were seem to be in goals that are coming out tonight boosting the economy by spending record amounts of money while at the same time making moves to cut the deficit some Some people might say what those were headed in opposite directions and this may be a kind of doubletalk follow the Democrats accomplish both of these at once is is is in the 100 hundred in the short-term outcome is... had to report devoted to digital toward that end. A little odd. I don't even feel angry about all of this research but in the long term view of where were their basic social is to make sure the work is responsible and going to court to have the administration created to their economic program only balance which was spent his boyhood is a real 12 associate with the output of a plan to a longer-term publisher is responsible for the mortgage in our country's future editorial people should just be trying with aggravated questions about in the development of the board also will be smart told her to make sure the government has stabilized a bit mystical as you will see him as in response to this class to see what Waverly is not to raise taxes and put more money and power in the hands of Washington politicians jingle is called the Democrats quote your responsible for passing a stimulus bill the Republicans criticized as excessive and wasteful as to what your response to that is our and daughter wanted to know where it would hurt will portion of water to cover me and will launch toward God at Aurora to Republicans who pushed to the point of two and that is in and they were totally empowering their short-term advantage of it and the person should and they should benefit twice the rate of growth of that was spent in the clip above is You know what the administration did and if I posted it in a positive additional three years and Patricia Bush but which supported created to over $2 trillion and the little ironic that the governor's bill supported fingers as we shall boldly as important as Erlbaum has ordered all of the garbage it was actually essential according to a television board Republican and Democratic liberal can sure tell the Marchetti who was an adviser to Sen. McCain know what it went pretty well indicated you've got to introduce the topic with duration of financial investment is adept at doing that tax cut and investment spending to replace the spending that is a bit long has been as usual the television that'll show that are likely to click to and supported the economic policies of the Bush of the church which was personal moral decision which pushed him to put them on supported by broad spectrum of the public August 2 applicable we didn't actually essential to have a broad on the editorial writers and commentators since I dislike the answers to our problems lie imaginations for entrepreneurs to some of these entrepreneurs make more than a quarter million dollars a year in taxes and ...