Hoyer Discusses State of the Union Address on C-SPAN2

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“I think what the President said [was] we want to work together. But if you don't work, I’m not going to be immobilized, I’m not going to forget that I’m elected by all the people to do things. And I’m going to do things. I’m going to do things that try to create jobs, grow our economy, invest in the education of our kids, [and] in the job training of our workers. I’m going to do things. And I think that is what the American people expect all of us to do. And his message was, let's do it together. Let's work together to make America better. And I think that’s a message the American public are going to respond to and say, yes, that's what I want to do. And they also don't want -- if the Congress won't help, if the Congress won’t participate -- for the President to just sit there while the country does not make the progress the people know it needs.”

“I think there is common ground in that everybody says they want to grow the economy. For instance, the President said he wanted to see taxes reduced on businesses that were doing and growing jobs here in America, and didn’t want to the advantage those who were taking jobs overseas and wanted to make sure that people could bring profits home. So from that standpoint, I think we can reach common ground there. I think we ought to be able to reach common ground on comprehensive immigration reform. Seventy percent of the American people thinks that makes sense. The Chamber of Commerce thinks this makes sense. AFL-CIO thinks it makes sense. Farm owners think it makes sense. Farm workers think it makes sense. Evangelicals thinks it makes sense. Certainly the Congress of the United States ought to agree with the overwhelming majority of the American people and interest groups on both sides that it makes sense to do – it grows jobs, grows our economy and it is the right thing to do from a moral standpoint in any event. So I would hope we can reach common ground and, frankly, Speaker Boehner is taking steps to address immigration. Majority Leader Cantor says the immigration system is broken. So we certainly have a consensus that it needs change.  Certainly we ought to be able to reach consensus on how to do that.”