Hoyer Discusses the Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill on CNN

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“I was shocked last night and deeply saddened that we didn't put the [Hurricane Sandy] relief bill that was passed through the United States Senate in a very strong bipartisan vote on the [House] Floor last night...”

“I don't know the reason. Whatever the reason was, it was not justified. So many Members have pointed out when we had the [Hurricane] Katrina damage, which was also a very broad-based natural disaster, we acted within ten or 11 days, [providing] $60 billion.  We acted with alacrity. Here, for whatever reasons … we're now some 60 plus days later and we haven't acted. It’s a tragedy. It is unacceptable. And I would hope the Speaker would bring this legislation forward in the next few days, while we’re leaving one Congress to go into another. This ought to be a priority and we ought to do it this week.”