Hoyer Discusses House Republicans’ Lawsuit, Border Supplement, and Highway Bill on MSNBC's "Morning Joe"

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On House Republicans’ Political Lawsuit

“It is the first time [Congress has sued the President]. It will be an unprecedented action if, in fact, the Congress sues the President. Individual Members have sued the President. But [Justice] Scalia says in an opinion that he wrote not too long ago, look, this is not what the courts are for, the disputes between the executive and legislative to be resolved. It's a waste of time. The Republicans know it's a waste of time. It's an effort to energize their base. Frankly, it's also having the effect of energizing our base.”

“The real problem is we’re wasting time, we’re wasting the people's money. This suit is not going to go anywhere. We ought to be dealing with Export-Import Bank [reauthorization], [Terrorism] Risk Insurance [Act]. We ought to be dealing with minimum wage, comprehensive immigration reform, and the creation of jobs. None of those items, Joe, are on the table.”

On the Political Climate In Washington

“Frankly, in my view, this is an unacceptable environment then and now for a democracy to work successfully. We need to work together. The public wants us to work together. Today, for instance, unfortunately, we are turning two bills that could be passed in a bipartisan fashion overwhelmingly into partisan confrontation again. When we’re dealing with the supplemental to deal with the crisis at the border, and we’re dealing with the Highways [Trust Fund]. Both of those could be passed in a bipartisan basis. In the Senate the highway bill was passed with 79 votes. The majority of Republicans and Democrats voting for it, and we’re turning it into a partisan bill here in the House.”

“The 2010 election elected a lot of people who were very, very strong in their ideological beliefs and are unwilling to compromise even with their own leader [Speaker] Boehner. And we’ve seen that over and over again. Here is another example where the policy that was adopted to allow dreamer children, children who came here with their parents; they didn't commit any crime; they have grown up here as students; they speak English; they don’t know their home country and without any hearings, without any discussion, that is being put on the floor today apparently for a vote. That is unfortunate. That creates confrontation. We could resolve these in a bipartisan way, and we could be addressing the people's business, but we’re not.”