Hoyer Discusses the House Republican Budget and the Affordable Care Act on MSNBC's "Morning Joe"

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“I think the polls clearly indicate that people agree with [Democrats] on almost every issue that we've talked about in terms of growing jobs and making sure that people can make it in America. … The budget that is being offered on the Floor this coming week… is a budget which disinvests. I call it [Budget Committee Chairman Paul] Ryan's retreat. It repeals the Affordable Care Act without repealing the revenues the Affordable Care Act generates. He uses that for tax cuts for the wealthiest in America. He changes Medicare from a guaranteed program to a premium support or a non-guaranteed program in the years ahead. And he disinvests. He disinvests in education and innovation and research and infrastructure, all the things  that are necessary to grow our economy and grow jobs. I think it’s a budget that I think is going to make the Republicans very vulnerable because the people are going to see a budget that does not help them.”

“I think we can point to this [Republican] budget as a budget that predicts… what the Republicans would do if they took over the Senate and kept the House. The American people are going to reject that.”