Hoyer Discusses the House Republican Budget and the Affordable Care Act on Fox News' "Fox & Friends"

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“We want the [health care] exchanges to work. The reason we want the exchanges to work is because the access to affordable quality health care is something the American people need, want and have been advantaged by over the last few years. With the Affordable Care Act protection, such as getting insurance notwithstanding a preexisting condition, making sure that preventive care is not an extra charge to encourage people for getting preventive care. Seniors are paying less for their prescription drugs as a result of the Affordable Care Act. People aren't having their policies canceled because they get too sick, so they don’t go into bankruptcy. All of those facets of the Affordable Care Act are working and have benefited literally millions and millions of Americans, young people on their family's policies before age 26. So millions of people have been advantaged and 7.1 million people have signed up....”

“The Paul Ryan budget is a disaster. It's a retreat. It disinvests in America and America's future. It disinvests in growing jobs and creating opportunities for people. It is a budget that is more of the same…. The budget that … was presented last year … but never implemented by the Republicans is a budget which changes Medicare, which undermines Medicaid, and nutritional programs for people. It disinvests in basic research. It disinvests in infrastructure and disinvests in education, all of which are necessary to grow our economy and create the kind of jobs that we need. So it is a bad budget. I don't think it reflects the priorities of the American people and I think the American people are going to reject it as the Congress … rejected almost the same budget last year.”