Hoyer Discusses House GOP Opposition to Middle Class Tax Cuts on Bloomberg

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we've got more now on the breaking news out of washington. house republicans have rejected a bipartisan summit deal to extend the payroll tax holiday as well as unemployment benefits for two more months. that means a much they can reach a deal in the next two weeks, your taxes will rise come january 1st. peter cook is on capitol hill with reaction from the no. 2 house democrat.
we heard from the no. 2 house republican a moment ago, and now we have steny Hoyer, the no. 2 democrat in the house. where do we go from here? they just rejected a bipartisan deal.
we have a motion on the table right now that is being considered and debated. what we have said is, look, take this, which is a guaranteed 60- day extension for middle-class taxpayers to have a cat. take this and ensure seniors will have available to doctors and health care. give confidence to those on unemployment that it will continue after january 1st. then proceed, as we so often do -- you have watched the congress. if we cannot reach an agreement, we have a short-term extension. that is what this says. then we sit down and look at the 1-year extension, that we all believe is necessary. but i will mention that speaker boehner just a short time ago said that the when you're attacked extension -- the one- year tax exemption was just a gimmick. and what they did is after it went over there and they would not allow it to go on the floor, they came to an agreement. 89 of them 90% of them came to an agreement. they said, look to buy here is a way to guarantee that taxes will not be raised, medicare will not be cut and unemployment insurance will not be withdrawn from those who need it so much.
can you guarantee as that harry reid and his colleagues will not come back to have this negotiation?
ayman understand that mr. boehner has written a letter to the president urging him to urge harry reid to come back. the president urged him to work with speaker boehner. speaker boehner said, i'm ok. he was ok. he came back to his caucus and they said, oh, no, we do not want to agree with the senate. the overwhelming majority of republican senators agreed with this outcome. now it will be, ok, mr. boehner, what can you agree to? they're talking about -- they sent over a bill that was designed to fail. they knew it would not pass the senate. proof of that is that it was not drawn up on the senate floor. they do not want to compromise on our bill today. why? because they are afraid it will pass. it is a reasonable way forward and provides certainty, i guarantee that those items that we all say are important will be in play. the cracks do you think there is a possibility that you can still a great --
you think there's a possibility tha you can still agree on a 12-month extension?
there's still time to do that, but as you know, senator reid and others negotiated on for weeks to try to get that in. they were not able to do that, so the reasonable thing was to say, look, we do not want the tax cut to go wait for middle- class people. we do not want seniors at risk for not having access to their doctors. and we certainly do not want people who are unemployed and need money to survive, we do not want that to go out of existence. for all those reasons we will do a short-term extension, while we do what speaker boehner is at asking us to do, reached a compromise. senator reid thought based on speaker boehner's representation that if they reach a deal he was ok with it. on saturday, he said he was ok with that. and then he reached his conference. they are continuing with what i call the gridlock creators. " you talk about job creators -- you talk about job creators. oh, no, the gridlock creators. we want something for the long term to create the certainty that we are all talking about.
not a credit -- a clear resolution at this moment on capitol hill.