Hoyer Discusses GOP Attempts to Remove Health Care Protections on Fox News' "On The Record"

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“This bill is going to prove to be of great benefit to millions and millions of Americans who have insurance and will have the assurance of access to quality health care.  The fact that their children or themselves can't be precluded by pre-existing conditions, fixing the donut hole, making sure that their kids, if they can't get a job, can stay on their policy until they're 26 – [Americans] like all these aspects. … This is the 31st vote we've had on repealing health care with absolutely not one alternative offered by the Republicans. The American people are going to see that for what it is. They don't have an alternative.”

“We have a deficit and debt problem, and everybody understands that and it's a very serious issue for our country. And people understand that. And we're going to have to bring that deficit down.”