Hoyer Discusses the Fiscal Cliff on MSNBC's "The Ed Show"

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“I think today shows very, very clearly, that in fact President Obama has been willing to compromise, willing to make a balanced deal possible from his perspective. And I think [Speaker] John Boehner wanted to get there, but what John Boehner has shown tonight is that his caucus does not want to make a balanced agreement, to make sure that working Americans don't get a tax increase, to make sure that we deal with the doctors' reimbursement for Medicare, make sure the sequester doesn't happen. His crowd has too many theocratic members who are interested only in their own ideology and not in the welfare of the country.”

“None of us want to go over the cliff. That's not good for our economy, it's not good for our people, and we need to work to avoid that … I am hopeful that in the next…six days between now and next Wednesday…the Speaker and others will work to try to get to an agreement that can in fact be adopted by the House of Representatives, passed by the United States Senate, and signed by the President of the United States. That will require what we haven't seen in this Republican majority - the willingness to compromise and be reasonable and make sure the math works.”

“We need to get a deal. We need to keep that uppermost in mind. And we're not taking the position as the Republicans have taken: ‘my way or the highway.’ … so there needs to be compromise. The country needs us to come to an agreement. But what the Republicans have to understand is clearly they can't get a large number of their party [to vote in agreement]. … And if they come to a reasonable agreement with the President of the United States, I think we can pass such an agreement. I think it would be good for the country, good for the economy.”