Hoyer Discusses the Fiscal Cliff on MSNBC

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"All of us believe, I think, that going over the cliff should not be the option that we follow... [G]iving up is not an option for us. We have another 13 hours as has been pointed out – if we can reach agreement, if we can have a unanimous consent in the Senate, I think there is still time to act, but of course it's running out very, very quickly."

"I'm still hopeful while we're here – all the Members [are] in Washington ready to act. The issue is whether or not we can come to a consensus. The [Obama] Administration in my opinion continues to try to make offers that will get to an agreement."

"I think we need to get to compromise. We need to move forward. Nobody wants to go over this cliff. Going over the cliff is economically harmful to the United States of America, to the growth of jobs in America, and to the middle class. We don't want to go over the cliff."