Hoyer Discusses the Fiscal Cliff on Bloomberg TV

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“Our economy needs us to come to an agreement. The sequester is not an option. Raising taxes on working Americans is not an option. We need to come to an agreement. Everyone has seen that the President has moved toward the Republican position not because he agrees with it, but because he understands as President of the United States that it is necessary for us to have this Congress come together and make a balanced judgment of how we can put our country on a fiscal sustainable path.”

“The President has moved far from his original starting position. He has done so because he is committed to getting a commitment and understands that compromise is necessary. We have not seen any movement on behalf of the Republicans that was credible. …Sixty five percent of the American people understand that we've got to ask of those who have the most to pay a little more. ...They understand that you need a balanced agreement to move forward. They want restraints in spending, they want to make sure there is not waste, fraud, and abuse. But they also want to make sure that we have a fair deal and not a skewed deal. … If we can [reach a balanced deal], it is the biggest thing we can do to assist this economy [to] grow, and create jobs, and give relief and confidence to working Americans.”