Hoyer Discusses Democrats' Comprehensive Jobs Plan on CNN's "The Starting Point"

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“We’re continuing to focus on what we call Make It In America.  That is to say that we're going to make it in America - have success, get jobs, grow the economy, have a more successful economy - if we make more things in America. The President has set forth an agenda to double exports. The way you double exports is to make more things in America. So what we want to do is adopt policies that will focus on expanding our manufacturing sector of our economy. We also want to make it easier to keep jobs in America by giving tax credits, and make it less beneficial to ship jobs overseas. We want to make sure there's a level playing field, that our trading partners are trading fair, and not providing barriers to our exports that make their products cheaper in America and more expensive for us to excel there. So we are continuing to focus on growing jobs in America.”