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Whip Hoyer and Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) made the following remarks today to reporters about President Bush's threat to veto H.R. 810, the Castle-DeGette Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act:

Whip Hoyer: “Seventy five percent of America, three out of every four Americans believe that we ought to pursue this research and development of the possibility of curing some diseases which are growing problems for American families.  And the House passed a bill, much to the chagrin of some in the House; but, bipartisan, good majority, with Congresswoman DeGette and Congressman Castle leading the effort.”

Rep. Diana DeGette: “I frankly am disappointed and appalled that [President Bush] would pick, as a bill to veto, a bill that could benefit 110 million Americans and their families… So I guess what the President is saying is that he thinks it would be better to throw these embryos away as medical waste rather than allow people to donate them for ethical research that could cure diseases.

Rep. Diana DeGette: “Friday of this week, the President is coming to my congressional district to have a fund raiser for a congressional candidate in an adjoining district.  So he has no time to meet with us to talk about the bill.  But he has ample time to come and do a political fund raiser in my district.”

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July 18, 2006