Hoyer Commends the Congressional Black Caucus for Their Efforts to Help the Unemployed

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we're pleased we're going to be led this night by our democratic whipe, the honorable steny Hoyer, the person who has led us in the make it in america agenda. for such time as he might consume. mr. Hoyer: i thank the gentlelady for yielding and for her leadership. i want to thank the congressional black caucus which has raised this issue to a new height of not only visibility but of hope. emanuel cleaver, chairman of the congressional black caucus told a wonderful story in our caucus the other day. he said there was a little by boy and his dad and his dad was reading the paper and the little boy scratched his hand and as he did so, it obviously hurt and he went in front of his dad, shaking his hand, shaking his hand, he walked to and from his father and his father kept reading the paper. and finally his father put down the paper and said, son, i know you scratched your hand. but there's nothing i can do about it. and the little boy looked at his dad and said, you can say ouch. you can understand the pain i'm experiencing. you can understand the pain that losing a job is causing me. you can understand the pain of a home that is lost because the mortgage cannot be paid. you can understand the pain of a family living in a home who has seen the value of that most important asset of theirs dwindle and be reduced. so that the mortgage payment they're paying is more than the value of the home in which they live. the congressional black caucus did two things. it said, we hear and we say "ouch." we understand the pain you're experiencing. we feel your pain. but if all we do is empathize and feel pain, that's not enough. our president addressed this last week. he said, we can shrug our shoulders and say, there's 14 months until the next election. but the people in pain can't ...