Press Release ● Congress
For Immediate Release: 
August 30, 2004
Contact Info: 
Anna Bell Farrar

WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today as the Republican Party prepared to convene at its national convention, at which the Party will re-nominate George W. Bush as its presidential nominee:

“Virtually everything George W. Bush promised the American people over the last four years has been a promise unfulfilled or a promise broken.  The facts speak volumes, they cannot be covered up, and they demonstrate that our nation needs new leadership with John Kerry in the White House and Democratic majorities in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

“George W. Bush promised the American people that his economic program would create millions of jobs and spur great economic growth.  But the truth is, this President has the worst record of job creation since the Great Depression, with a net loss of more than one million jobs and hundreds of thousands of American jobs ‘outsourced’ and sent overseas.

“George W. Bush promised the American people that his tax plan – which disproportionately benefits the highest income taxpayers – was affordable and fiscally responsible.  He said that if we enacted his tax plan, we could still pay down the national debt and protect the Social Security surplus.

“But the truth is, the Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans have turned record budget surpluses that they inherited from the Clinton Administration into record deficits in less than four years.  Even worse, they have no realistic plan to get our nation’s fiscal house in order.  Furthermore, the Administration and Congressional Republicans today are poised to raise the limit on the national debt for the third time in four years to more than $8 trillion, effectively – and irresponsibly – forcing our children and grandchildren to pay this generation’s bills.

“George W. Bush and Congressional Republicans promised the American people that they would not raid the Social Security surplus.  But the truth is, they’ve spent every dime of the Social Security surplus – and then some – to pay for tax cuts for the highest income taxpayers, even as the retirement demands of the Baby Boomers on Social Security and Medicare loom just over the horizon.

“George W. Bush and top Administration officials told the American people that American servicemen and women would be embraced as liberators in Iraq, and that Iraq could finance its own reconstruction.  But the truth today is stark and painful.  Almost 1,000 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq.  Our nation has appropriated nearly $200 billion for the Iraqi reconstruction.   And yet, the Iraqi reconstruction effort is in shambles because the Administration failed to put enough troops on the ground to secure that nation.  Even worse, President Bush has failed to articulate a clear plan of action in Iraq.

“The truth is, the Republican Party controls the White House and both chambers of Congress.  Their leadership is failing the American people, and they have no one to blame but themselves.  They tout bipartisan education reform – the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ – but then failed to adequately fund it.  They confidently assure the American people that the homeland is secure, even as security experts say that we are still vulnerable and Democrats argue that more attention must be paid to our ports, rail lines and borders.  The President proclaims that our economy is ‘turning the corner’ even as the Labor Department reports dismal job growth and the Census Bureau reports that the poverty rate and the number of Americans lacking health insurance increased for the third straight year in 2003.

“It will be interesting to see how the Republican Party tries to spin these failures at its convention this week.  My guess is that they will ignore them altogether or spout rhetoric claiming that their policies are working perfectly.  This is just further proof that we need a change of leadership, and Democrats back in charge in the White House and Congress.”