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May 9, 2003
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Stacey Farnen

WASHINGTON – House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD) spoke on the floor today in opposition to the misguided, irresponsible Republican tax plan and the GOP leadership’s refusal to allow Democrats to put their alternative on the Floor:

“Mr. Speaker, today this House will vote on the Republican’s wildly irresponsible tax bill, which fails to stimulate the economy or create jobs, explodes the budget deficit and national debt, and robs social security and other key priorities of crucial funding.

“Our Republican friends continue to make wild claims about this tax bill.  But the American people need to ask one very simple question: Do I trust Tom DeLay and the Republican majority when it comes to this tax package, or do I trust experts like Warren Buffett, perhaps the largest investor in the nation?

“Mr. Buffett recently said cutting taxes on corporate dividends – an idea incorporated in this GOP bill – unfairly favors the wealthy and doubted that it would stimulate the economy.  Democrats strongly agree. 

“We offered a plan that’s fast-acting, fair and fiscally responsible; a plan that would create five times as many jobs as the GOP plan.  But the majority has slammed the door on democracy, refusing to give us the opportunity to offer our alternative.  I urge my colleagues: oppose this irresponsible, unfair, gimmick-ridden GOP tax bill.”