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... any pelicans owned bp stock. >>> and joining me now, house majority leader steny hoyer and the house minority leader john boehner. thanks for joie. m >> thank you. >> you got a letter last night from president obama requesting $50 billion for emergency spending for state and local governments. leader hoyer, you said there's spending fatigue on capitol hill. can you get this passed? i think it's accurate there's spending fatigue on capitol hill and around the country as well. people are concerned about the debt level, and we are as well. clearly, you cannot not continue to stimulate an economy that is still struggling to get out of the deep ditch that we found it in, about 18 months ago. what the president is saying, is we need to expend additional dollars to make sure that we don't have significant layoffs in the next few months, which will again depress the economy. so that i understand what he's saying. i have asked the white house to look at the package that -- the recovery and reinvestment act that we passed, approximately 800-pl billion dollars. there are clearly funds in there that have not been expended to see whether or not there are some available f this more immediate priority, than some may not be quite as. leader boehner, the president said in his letter, if this does not pass there's a risk the economy will slide back in recession. do you agree? >> i'm concerned about plight of teachers, fireman, policeman who face the real possibility that they may be laid off. to send this letter up here on a saturday night, with no opportunity to cut spending elsewhere in the budget, strikes me as a little different. steny and i and other leaders were at the white house thursday. and this subject never came up. there was no indication this was going to happen. i'm asking myself why is this happening on saturday night. the fact is that the spending spree in washington is continuing to run unabated. the american people are screaming at the top of their lungs, stop. and to move this, without finding other offsets in spending, i think is irresponsible. it's putting more debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids. it really begs, question, why don't we have a budget this year. we've not -- the house has failed. not failed, in the modern era, to move a budget. and this appears to be a first time, in the modern era, that the house even considered a budget. >> i want to say, the theory is that you don't want to make vulnerable democrats vote for another spending bill, and that's why, for the first time since 1974 there isn't going to be a house budget. is that not true? >> whatever the theory may be, jake, the fact of the matter is, my friend, mr. boehner, voted for $2 trillion during the bush administration of unfunded spending. he said this cascade of spending -- >> but you agree this shoulbed ofet wh dings? c >> i hope we could do that. however, i said money already appropriated in the recovery and reinvestment act has not been spent, could be spent on these priority items. no one wants to see 300,000 teachers fire or police laid off. it's not good for the economy, it's not good for our kids. it's not good for the safety of our communities. the president is right in terms of this being critally important spending. we'll work on getting that. i personally believe if we have dollars not expended in the recovery act, we can apply to this immediate need, and then look to later expenditures in the long term for investments. i think we ought to do that. we can't stimulate and depress at the same time. >> every family knows that in a tough time, it's more important to have a budget, not less. if you think they're going to move a budget on capitol hill, you must obviously believe that elvis is still alive. >> i would like to move on to another topic other than -- >> as you know, the republicans didn't have a budget in '02, '04, '06. the house never failed to pass a budget in the modern era. >> the american public had no idea about that. >> the spending bills, to get the economy going -- >> and we're doing that. >> that's why i gave -- >> a letter this week, with 100 economists, signed a letter saying, cutting spending now will in fact help get the economy moving to get jobs back. >> in terms of getting things moving again. i would like to move to a different topic -- ly is -- >> can i conclude on the deficit, because the president, we've adopted statutory pay which they've jettisoned. >> you ignored it -- >> the president sent in a freeze in spending, and he established a commission to look ong-term spending control. ...