Hoyer and Boehner Talk about the Economy and Healthcare on Fox News

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... this old heart gonna take them away [ quacks ] >>> joining us now to talk about the economy, healthcare and more are the two top men in the house of representatives. democrat hoyer is the pagity leader and republican john boehner is the minority leader. welcome back to ""fox news sunday."" >> the obama administration said it would keep unemployment below 8% and we now learned it is now 9.5% and the republicans put out a video about a bloodhound searching for sim luciana jobs. let's watch. -- for stimulus jobs. let's watch. >> finally the dogs tracked down something. in north carolina. they used stimulus money to hire one new state worker. his job, apply for more stimulus money for the taxpayers by the way of the federal government. >> congressman hoyer can you honestly say you are satisfied with the stimulus? >> i don't think anybody can say we are satisfied with the results of the stimulus be we believe it was essential. mark zande said it is going to create two million jobs by the end of next year. >> why hasn't it done more faster? >> we are disappointed if hasn't done more faster. john and i were talking about getting money out more quickly. we need to do that. we are disappointed. after all the ad is being run bay crowd that created about four thousand jobs per month, the worst job creation performance in 75 years and lost two million jobs the three months before the obama administration came in. they haven't had such a hot track record. we are disappointd that we inherited such a tanking economy but we are trying to do everything we can to get it moving again. >> i think he is talking about you as he says that. president obama defended the stimulus this week. let's take a look. >> the recovery act was designed to make sure that local school districts didn't lay off teachers and firefighters and police officers and it has done its job. >> congressman bainer, the temperature crates say that unemployment would be a -- the democrats say that unemcoy employment would be higher without the stimulus package. >> the way to help the economy grow is help businesses and american families keep more of what they earn because they are the ones that can keep the economy going again. this was supposed to be about jobs, jobs and jobs and the fact is it turned into nothing more than spending, spending and more spending on a lot of big government bureaucracy. in ohio, a lot of the infrastructure dollars sent there months ago, there hasn't been a contract let to my knowledge. the fact is i don't believe it will create jobs. the president said earlier this year we will not see unemployment above 8% if we pass this bill. the fact is we have and the real question is where are the jobs? you can't spend $800 billion of taxpayer money and not create jobs when you say that is what the goal was. we haven't seen the jobs yet. >> we have obviously invested in healthcare and we have invested in education. i think the president is absolutely right. we would have lost more jobs but for this investment and economists agree with us. a lot of economists on john's side of the aisle agreed with the stimulus package. >> they agreed that we needed to stimulus bill. >> let me just finish. john's message is the same message we heard in 2001, the same message that supported an economic policy that led us to the worst economic times. >> let's look forward, not backwards and i guess the question becomes because you both say you are disappointed with the stimulus and it hasn't created jobs. >> disappointed with the results so far, chris, not with the stimulus. >> so is the answer a second stimulus is? is it to revamp the current stimulus? what are you going do to get money out and create jobs faster? >> we have to get the money that is already in the stimulus bill out and we are looking at that. jim oberstar is looking at that and we are looking at that in all the areas through the cabinet officers that we need to get the money out more quickly. john is right, i'm disappointed and he is disappointed that the money hasn't gotten out more quickly. >> do you fivary second stimulus because some democrats are already saying the problem with the stimulus is that it wasn't big enough. >> we certainly want to see how this develops over the next few months but we got to understand we inherited two million jobs being lost in the three months before we took office. the policies that were put in place were put in place about 130 days ago. not eight years ago, but 130 days ago. ...