Hoyer: American People Have the Right to Robust Debate and Open Process

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“Mr. Speaker, I’m not going to ask the Majority Leader any more questions, because I'm not going to get any answers. The American people have a right to those answers. The American people need to know what transparency, which was going to be brought to this body, frankly, by the ‘Young Guns,’ and right to debate, right to anticipate, right to participate.  But the answer I get is: ‘it's not scheduled for next week.’

“Mr. Speaker, I know it is not scheduled for next week. Critical legislation was not scheduled last week, the week before that, the week before that, the week before that, the week before that, and every week before that. Critical legislation supported by the overwhelming majority of the American people. And I am simply inquiring of the Majority Leader, is there any contemplation of bringing that legislation to the Floor before this Congress leaves for the election so the American people, who are going to either re-elect this Congress or seek new leadership, have an opportunity on which to make an informed decision which, of course, is what the Speaker said we would have. Certainly have equal consideration for the American people as well, so they have the right to robust debate, an open process, and allows them to understand what we're doing.

“I regret that the Majority Leader in critical issues like Export-Import Bank, which relate to the competitiveness of this country, like Make It In America legislation that we defeated on suspension, which we agreed upon. The Majority Leader voted for it; I voted for it. I presume – and I'll ask him anyway – I said I wasn't going to ask you – is there any contemplation of bringing that bill, which got 260 votes on this Floor, back to the Floor under a rule which provides, again, for America's determining whether or not we can find additional rare earths, so necessary to be competitive in international markets? And I'd ask my friend if – I know it's not on the schedule, so he doesn't have to repeat that litany to me because I get it.”