How’s It Playing Back at Home? Voters Worry About Impact of GOP Budget

Looks like the Republican budget isn’t receiving a warm welcome outside of Washington. A Reuters article highlights voters’ concerns over the GOP budget to end the Medicare guarantee and put our economy at risk while cutting taxes for the wealthy:

“At home in New Hampshire, the land of Yankee skepticism, congressman Charlie Bass was being asked to explain his support for the new Republican budget.”

“‘What I have heard is that it would end Medicare as we know it,’ a nurse from Charlestown, New Hampshire, told Bass during a town hall meeting last week, holding a printout of an e-mail in her hand.”

“At a time of high unemployment and home foreclosure rates, frustration with Congress and rising anxiety over how to deal with the national debt without gutting programs such as Medicare health insurance for the elderly and the Social Security retirement program, such meetings aren't always comfortable for lawmakers.”

“In New Hampshire and Illinois last week, voters made clear that they were worried about the potential impact of a plan such as Ryan's…”