Human and Civil Rights

House Republicans Still the Only Ones Standing in the Way of VAWA

As the Senate prepares to vote on the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act tomorrow, a quick refresh of where House Republicans stand on the issue, courtesy of the New York Times:

“For all the attention on the Republican Party’s efforts to attract Latinos, the first test for the party on 2012’s lessons learned will arrive this week for a voting bloc that has drifted out of its grasp: women.”

“The measure foundered last year on Republican concern over obscure issues like the bill’s inclusion of additional visas for abused illegal immigrants, its treatment of same-sex couples and its strengthening of American Indian courts.”

“That will leave House Republicans a stark choice: stand against the provisions that derailed the bill last year or adjust, given November’s electoral blowout with women.”

If they won’t listen to us – or to the 56% of women who voted against their candidates last Fall, maybe they’ll listen to a fellow Republican. Take it away, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME):

This is not and never should be a partisan political issue…. This is an equal-opportunity crime that harms people regardless of their political affiliation, their profession or their status in life. It’s an issue that deserves bipartisan support.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Given Leader Cantor’s speech yesterday trying to make the GOP a kinder, friendlier party, we can’t wait to hear how support of VAWA fits in.