*Government Shutdown

House Republicans’ New Plan… Keeps the Government Shut Down

Seems like our Republican friends, who wanted to shut down the government – and got their way – weren’t fully prepared for the consequences. Now that the Republican government shutdown has started, House Republicans are trying to give themselves cover – but unfortunately their suspension bills today just continue the shutdown. While they’re trying to fix some of the more visible impacts, what about these agencies who are still shut down? The actual list is much longer than this, but here’s just a preview, which goes to show – the only way to fix what’s happening is to re-open the entire government by passing the clean Senate CR.

  • More than 70% of CIA is furloughed
  • 97% of NASA has been furloughed
  • 74% of NIH has been furloughed, and NIH will not admit new patients
  • CDC would be unable to support the annual seasonal influenza program, outbreak detection
  • FDA will be unable to support the majority of its food safety, nutrition, and cosmetics activities.
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission will be forced to stop recalling products that do not present an imminent threat to consumer safety, but that could still cause possible injuries.
  • Administration for Children & Families will not be able to continue quarterly formula grants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Child Care, Social Services Block Grant, Refugee Programs, Child Welfare Services and the Community Service Block Grant programs.
  • National Wildlife Refuges are closed to the public and to hunters and anglers
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs would not be able to assist tribes in managing their forest lands and natural resources, pay vendors providing foster care and residential care for children and adults or, disburse funds for tribal operations
  • 92% of Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigations Board has been furloughed, no federal employees would be able to investigate industrial chemical spills/accidents that happen during the shutdown and current investigations have been frozen
  • 96% of EPA has been furloughed
  • No funding for FIRE Grants, which help local fire departments pay for staffing, training and equipment
  • No funding for future Military Construction projects