*2014 Republican Budget

House Republicans Join Democrats in Calling for Regular Order

After experiencing severe “regular order” amnesia, it looks like House Republicans have decided to join Democrats in calling on their fearless leaders to follow regular order on the budget. POLITICO notes:

“More than 80 House Republicans have signed onto a letter aiming to increase the pressure on GOP leadership to follow the regular legislative process regarding the budget.”

“Sticking to the regular legislative order is a continuing narrative of this Congress. When Boehner took the speakership in 2011, he was immediately sucked into backroom negotiations with Obama and most of them failed. He suffered some backlash from his colleagues, and in 2013, vowed to keep most negotiations in the open.”

We’re waiting for him to keep that vow.  As House Democrats and Democratic Leadership continue to place pressure on the Republican Leadership, we’re happy to have quite a few House Republicans join us.