Health Care

House Republicans’ Fake Health Care Plan

More than 5 million Americans and counting have now signed up for private coverage through the federal and state health insurance marketplaces, but House Republicans continue to waste time with pointless repeal votes and claiming that they’re going to come up with a health care reform alternative (which is always the same old ideas that don’t address the real issue, and that they never actually put into legislative form). As POLITICO explains, there is not much substance to this so called “plan”:

“Here’s the dirty secret about the House Republicans’ efforts to replace Obamacare: They haven’t even decided if they will hold a vote.”

Republicans aren’t even convinced they will find consensus on any specific set of new health care bills. The ideas they’re discussing — the ability to buy insurance across state lines, wider use of health savings accounts and cutting federal regulations — are the same principles they have kicked around since 2009. But the party is not much closer to finding a proposal — or set of proposals — that would garner enough Republican support to pass the House.”

Here’s a solution: Stop wasting time and work with Democrats to implement and strengthen the health care law.