*Government Shutdown

House GOP Unites Over Shutting Down the Government

And, it’s official: House Republicans have united over shutting down the government. Funny how the only issue they can coalesce around is destruction and obstruction. From Politico:

“House Republicans will vote to pass a one-year delay of Obamacare in exchange for funding the government, a plan that drastically increases the chances of a government shutdown this Tuesday.

“‘We’ve had enough of the disunity in our party,’ Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told the meeting of House Republicans Saturday afternoon. ‘The headlines are Republicans fighting Republicans. This will unite us. This protects the people who sent us here from Obamacare.’ House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said it would be the ‘fastest whip check in history,’ as every member raised their hand, saying they would support the bill.”

Hint for our colleagues across the aisle: the headlines won’t be “Republicans fighting Republicans” after you’ve shut down the government.