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November 15, 2011
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Katie GrantDaniel Reilly, 202-225-3130

While Republicans still do not have a comprehensive jobs plan and have taken little action to get people back to work, Americans continue to urge Congress to focus on jobs. Democrats are listening to the American people and have put forward jobs plans – the Make It In America plan and the American Jobs Act both include bipartisan proposals that will strengthen our economy, create jobs and ensure more families can succeed. Unfortunately, House Republicans have refused to take up the American Jobs Act in full, or its major component pieces, for weeks.
This week, they are finally bringing a provision of the American Jobs Act to the Floor – but only after Senate Democrats attached a provision that will help veterans find work to a bill that Republicans want to see pass.  While it’s disappointing that this action was necessary to get Republicans to consider jobs legislation, it is far past time for Congress to take action to get Americans back to work.  The bill on the Floor this week will increase opportunities for our returning veterans to find work and make it easier for businesses to tap into their experience and skills, and it should pass with bipartisan support.
Polls continue to show that Americans are focused on job creation and economic growth:
  • A recent Politico/ George Washington University Battleground poll shows Americans rank the economy (21%) and jobs (18%) as the most important problem Congress should focus on. [11/09/11]
  • And according to Gallup, 66% of Americans say the most important problem facing our country today is unemployment/jobs and the economy. [11/14/11]
Yet, Republicans continue to primarily pursue partisan bills to roll back environmental and consumer protections, even though there is no evidence that these bills will boost our economy or create jobs.  
Economists say these bills will not help put Americans back to work:
“As for the idea that cutting regulations will lead to significant job growth, [Former Reagan economic advisor Bruce] Bartlett said in an interview, ‘It's just nonsense. It's just made up.’” [AP, 10/30/11]

And data shows these environmental and consumer protections have no impact on jobs:

“Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that very few layoffs are caused principally by tougher rules. Whenever a firm lays off workers, the bureau asks executives the biggest reason for the job cuts. In 2010, 0.3 percent of the people who lost their jobs in layoffs were let go because of ‘government regulations/intervention.’ By comparison, 25 percent were laid off because of a drop in business demand.” [Washington Post, 11/14/11]

So, rather than waste time on bills that won’t boost economic growth or help put Americans back to work, it’s time for Republicans to get serious about job creation and work with Democrats on bipartisan proposals included in the American Jobs Act that are fully paid-for, will create jobs and strengthen our economy now.
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