Fiscal Responsibility

The Hill: Rules Chairman David Dreier to Vote Against Balanced-Budget Amendment

From the Democratic Whip Press Shop:

The GOP quote of the day goes to Rules Chairman David Dreier, who explained today on the Floor that he wouldn’t be supporting the balanced budget amendment because it doesn’t take a Constitutional amendment to balance the budget:

“Speaking on the House floor, Dreier said that while he supported an amendment in 1995, he has changed his mind, and now believes that Congress does not need to amend the Constitution in order to balance the budget. He said his 1995 vote was based on the belief that an amendment was the only way to balance the budget. ‘I was wrong,’ Dreier said. ‘Two short years later, we balanced the federal budget. We balanced the federal budget and that went on for several years. What I found… is that we were able to balance the federal budget without touching that inspired document, the U.S. Constitution,’ said Dreier…” [The Hill, 11/17/11]

We agree, Rep. Dreier. That’s why Whip Hoyer is urging Democrats to vote against this amendment. Democrats have proven that it does not take a Constitutional amendment to reduce the deficit and balance our budget and we can do it again. Rather than waste time on this amendment, it’s time for Republicans to put aside partisan differences and work with Democrats on a bipartisan plan that will balance our budget, create jobs, strengthen our entitlements and ensure all Americans pay their fair share.