*Government Shutdown

The Hill: Business, Labor, Nonprofits Demand That Shutdown End Immediately

Well, if Republicans won’t listen to us, maybe they’ll heed yesterday’s letter from the Chamber, AFL-CIO, and United Way Worldwide. As the letter states, they may not agree on much but they all believe we must end the shutdown and ensure America pays its bills.  The Hill reports:

“The most prominent names in business, labor and the nonprofit world on Friday demanded that Washington ‘immediately’ end the government shutdown.”

“‘While we may disagree on priorities for federal policies and we even have conflicting views about many issues, we are in complete agreement that the current shutdown is harmful and the risk of default is potentially catastrophic for our fragile economy.’”

“The signatories on the letter were Tom Donohue, the Chamber’s president and CEO; AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka; and Stacey Stewart, the U.S. president of United Way Worldwide.”

“‘Our three disparate sectors share a common view — no one benefits from the current shut-down and everyone will be harmed if the government defaults. It is in the interest of our nation that Congress restore the normal functioning of our political process, fund the government immediately and quickly move to resolve the impasse over the debt ceiling limit,’ the letter says.”

Republicans: take note and feel free to join Democrats on the House Floor to sign the discharge petition to reopen the government now.