Fiscal Responsibility

Here We Go Again—More GOP Debt Ceiling Games

It appears that Republicans refuse to learn from their past mistakes. Only a few months after they last threatened the creditworthiness of the United States and our national economy, National Journal reports that Senate Republicans are once again threatening to play games with America’s ability to pay its bills:

Senate Republicans are piecing together a plan to extract more concessions from the White House in exchange for a debt-limit increase, reviving a strategy that took the country toward the brink of default just three months ago.”

“While the Obama administration is already sounding alarms about the debt ceiling—Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew told Congress on Thursday that the country could hit the borrowing limit as soon as February—Republicans appear ready to demand another round of spending cuts, according to lawmakers.”

“’You can't do these things without getting something in return,’ said Sen. James Risch, an Idaho Republican. ‘We're borrowing still over $3 billion a day. This is nonsense. It can't go on.’”

“The debt-limit issue has become a perennial sticking point for Congress. Before the shutdown, Republicans planned to force a discussion over spending cuts and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell regularly cited examples of budget-cutting measures attached to the debt limit. But the 2013 shutdown weakened Republican leverage.”

“Reprising their arguments from the fall, Republicans reject the idea that negotiating on the debt limit is like playing with fire. ‘The debt ceiling is a deadline,’ said Sen. John Hoeven, a North Dakota Republican. ‘We need to use it as a deadline to find savings and make reforms that help us get the debt and deficit under control.’”

And here we go again….