Fiscal Responsibility

Here We Go Again: House Republicans Ready to Hold the Nation Hostage

Despite warnings from economists, House Republicans are once again ready to play games with our nation’s debt limit and risk yet another credit downgrade. Looks like old habits die hard.  According to the New York Times:

“Speaker John A. Boehner says he is gearing up for ‘a whale of a fight’ with President Obama over raising the federal debt ceiling, even though Mr. Obama has repeatedly said he has no plans to negotiate with Congressional Republicans over the nation’s debt limit and wants it lifted without a political showdown.”

More from Speaker Boehner: “The president doesn’t think this is fair, thinks I’m being difficult to deal with. But I’ll say this: It may be unfair, but what I’m trying to do here is to leverage the political process to produce more change than what it would produce if left to its own devices. We’re going to have a whale of a fight.”

So apparently the answer to the question, “Did Republicans learn anything after threatening a default and causing the first downgrade of the nation’s credit rating in history?” is a resounding “no.”