Health Care

Health Care Reruns Brought to You By the House GOP

Republicans have already wasted $50 million of taxpayer money, but don’t let that stop them from wasting even more time and taxpayer dollars attempting to roll back patient protections and put insurance companies back in control of health care.

From Politico:

“Next up in the summer ‘Obamacare’ reruns: more votes to defund the law.”

“A week after the House voted to repeal the law completely, the House Appropriations Committee released a Labor-HHS spending bill for next year that would block the use of any of its funds to ‘implement, administer, enforce or further’ the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”

“And in case that isn’t enough, the bill picks apart components of the law, cutting off funding for its major programs.”

Never mind the fact that the majority of Americans are ready for Republicans to move on and focus on what should be their priority: jobs.