Health Care Reform Analyzed on the Early Show

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... ammunition left there and we're very proud of the acts that she took. >> definitely a hero. chuck medley, thank you. specialist, thanks to the both of you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >>> president obama heads to capitol hill later today to try to shore up support among house democrats as the house prepares for a make or break vote on health care reform. democrats are hoping to have enough votes today for their bill to pass, but if not, that vote may be pushed back until tomorrow or perhaps even later. now, an abortion related impasse was cleared late friday night. that agree allows opponents to have the chance to try to insert some tougher restrictions into the bill. but there are still other hurdleses to overcome. joining us this morning from capitol hill, house majority leader taply hoir. good to have you with us this morning. >> between to be with you. >> first give us an idea, i know yesterday you said you were very close to getting the votes that you needed. how many more votes do you need? >> i think we'll get the 218 votes. this will be an historic day in which for over a century we've been trying to make sure all americans had health care they can count on. i think we'll pass a bill that will accomplish that objective. between. >> so you're confident saying you have those 218 votes? >> i'm confident that we'll have the 218 votes when we vote later today? >> any chance it will be more than that? >> we hope it will be more than that and if it is, that will be a bonus. but it obviously takes 218 votes to pass the bill. that's what we're looking for. but the real focus is on the substance of this will and what it does for america. all the presidential candidates in the last election talked about enacting health care legislation which would assure health care security for our people. the ama has endorse this had bill, the aarp has endorsed this bill, consumer reports has endorsed this bill and so many others have, as well, because they believe it accomplishes the objectives in this case of adding 36 million americans to the insurance rolls which is good for them, but also good if those of us who have been subsidizing them for many years and have on average paid $1100 more on on our premiums than we otherwise would have. >> and yet, sir, while there has been all of that support and you good d. gain extra votes last night, there is still some opposition and a lot of questions among the hern people. a recent poll found that nearly six some ten americans would like congress to work on this legislation for a little bit longer. is there any concern mopping you and your colleagues that perhaps you are pushing this a little too quickly for the american people? >> let me saythis, that this bill has been subjected to over 100 hearings over the last two years. health care legislation has been discussed literally for decades and was a major subject throughout the presidential campaign last year in 2008. it has received some 3,000 public hearings in terms of town meetings, interface with providers an patients and seniors and other groups very interested in this legislation. in the 29 years that i've been here, i have not seen a piece of legislation subjected to so much scrutiny, oversight, discussion, debate and consideration. so evening this has been thoroughly considered and indeed, of course, when we pass this bill, we'll send to conference. the senate needs to pass a bill and then it will be literally i think another month or two of discussions about exactly how this bill ought to be put together. >> so a month or two, then that means it may not happen by the end of the session? because there are only about four leakseft with all the holidays. >> it will be a difficult conference. an important conference. because there are differences between the senate and the house. but everybody shares the objective of assuring health care security for all america. and that is really our objective and i think that's why americans ultimately will support this piece of legislation strongly. >> we will be watching that progress today.hoyer, thanks fo your time. >>> the recession may beover, but 16 million americans still cannot find a job. according to the labor department, the country's unemployment rate rose to 10.2% last month, the first time it's been over 10% since 1983. and experts say it's likely to go higher. but there is good news. temporary employment grew by almost 34,000 jobs afternoon considered the first sign of an plimt rebound. >>> the man who opened fire inside an orlando office building allegedly told police that he was going through a tough time and he was sorry. ...