GOP Strategy: Sitting on Their Hands

With the deadline to avert the sequester fast approaching, Republicans have decided their best strategy is to… do nothing?

According to Politico, Speaker Boehner has given up trying to work on meaningful legislation and is instead “perfectly fine with sitting on his hands.”

“Listen, we played our cards, we laid out our hand,” Boehner told reporters on Wednesday. “We sent legislation to the Senate and nothing happened. It’s time for the Senate to do it’s job.”

As they should know, their “job” requires passing meaningful legislation that prevents sequestration from hitting and working in a bipartisan and bicameral process to address critical issues facing our nation.  Instead, here’s POLITICO’s analysis of the hard-hitting House agenda from the last month:

In the early months of the new session, the House has done little other than temporarily allow the debt ceiling to be raised, clear a smattering of bills to help the East Coast rebuild from Hurricane Sandy and pass a bill by Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) that calls on Obama to state when he’ll balance the budget. And this week, the House is scheduled to take a whack at pay for federal workers. House GOP leaders are also purposefully not acting on any tax bills until they decide whether to take up tax reform.”

Hard to believe House Republicans think they can take on a lighter schedule than that.