GOP Quote of the Day: “My constituents are freaking out…”

Today’s Republican quote of the day is brought to you by Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina, who said his constituents are “freaking out” about losing their health coverage. His constituents – and millions of Americans – have every right to be after Republicans voted to begin the process to repeal the ACA without having a replacement. From Bloomberg:

“Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina said Friday there is ‘a lot of angst in our state’ over an Obamacare repeal and that he participated in a telephone town-hall with 12,000 people a day earlier.”

"’My constituents are freaking out about commercials they are seeing on TV about how they are going to lose their health care,’ he said. Hudson said he tells constituents regarding Republican efforts to devise a replacement plan, ‘If Obamacare is working for you, we want to hear you say that, too.’”

As Republicans head back to their districts this evening, we have a feeling they are going to have a tough time explaining why they voted today to kick 30 million Americans off their health coverage and increase costs for millions more.