GOP QOTD: “If I could give you an answer today, I would, but I can’t”

Today’s Republican quote of the day comes from Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI). When asked what would happen to a constituent if the GOP moves ahead with their efforts to Make America Sick Again, he confirmed that Republicans still don’t have a real plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. From the New York Times:

“Michelle Roelandts had a question for her congressman: If the Affordable Care Act and its premium subsidies were repealed, what would happen when her daughter turns 26 this year and needs to get her own health insurance while attending law school Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, a durable Wisconsin Republican who has served in the House since 1979, had little to offer in response. ‘If I could give you an answer today, I would, but I can’t,’ Mr. Sensenbrenner said at a town-hall-style meeting on Saturday, where about 70 people packed a room at the Pewaukee Public Library.”

“The imminent problem: Constituents want answers, and without any consensus on how to go about replacing the law, Republicans have little to say.”

“Repeatedly, the questions Mr. Sensenbrenner faced showed the challenge that lawmakers have in explaining the effects of repealing the Affordable Care Act, especially now, when Republicans have yet to coalesce around a replacement plan.”

“A woman told him she learned she had skin cancer in 2005, and she asked about coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Another woman told him that her 97-year-old mother was in a nursing home, and she wondered whether changing Medicaid to give each state a fixed amount of money, called a block grant, could cause her mother to be ‘put out on the street.’”

“Leigh Levas, 35, a medical technologist, told him that her 9-year-old daughter had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. ‘I’ve been sending him postcards with her photo, because I think he needs to see the people that it affects,’ Ms. Levas said after the Pewaukee meeting.”

“’Ms. Roelandts, an accountant, said later that she was not happy with his answer. “I kind of interpret it as they don’t really know what they’re going to do yet,’ she said… ‘Don’t talk about repealing something until you have valid ideas on the table for replacing it,” she said. ‘I mean, it’s causing me to literally lose sleep at night.’”