Health Care

GOP Priorities: Creating Jobs or Eliminating Health Care Protections?

After a week focused on political theater rather than jobs, Democrats are more than ready to work on the issues most important to the American people – getting more people back to work and restoring our economy. House Republicans? That’s another story, as they have already scheduled a political show vote on repealing the health reform law—instead of focusing on jobs and the economy.

This Wall Street Journal article sums up how Republicans are more interested in election-year politics:

“But Republicans will force a continued focus on [health care reform]. They believe the court's decision gives them fresh ammunition to attack Democrats who supported the law.”

“The different party strategies will be in evidence after Congress returns from this week's Fourth of July recess: The Democratic-controlled Senate plans to take up a bill to promote small-business job creation.”

“Republicans, by contrast, see political benefit in focusing on [the Affordable Care Act], calling it part of their effort to frame the coming election as a referendum on Mr. Obama's more expansive view of government. "They don't want to talk about it, but we will," said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Can’t wait to hear how it goes over for Republicans who go back to their districts and tell their constituents they are preoccupied with a fruitless political exercise instead of focusing on creating jobs and restoring our economy.