Issue Report ● Fiscal Responsibility
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June 26, 2012
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Katie GrantDaniel Reilly, 202-225-3130

With less than one week before the highway bill expires and student loan interest rates double, House Republicans are once again trying to score political points instead to working to restore our economy.  Instead of adopting bipartisan bills that create jobs and give businesses the certainty they need to grow and hire, Republican leaders are choosing instead to stage political show votes.  It is time for Republicans to stop playing games with our economy and instead focus on growing the economy and creating jobs.

It’s clear that the GOP has rolled the dice and chosen confrontation over compromise, rather than taking action on the priorities of the American people:

ROLL CALL: “Mix those two explosive issues [Holder contempt vote and the Affordable Care Act Supreme Court ruling] with a frenetic workload as both chambers try to reach deals on transportation reauthorization legislation and student loan interest rates, and it’s not difficult to see why Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has expressed concern that Republicans’ message on the economy could get lost and that the contempt vote might not be the wisest political move.” [6/25/12]

WALL STREET JOURNAL OP-ED: “Republicans in Congress are the only thing that is preventing these measures from putting more Americans back to work right now. If Mitt Romney really wanted to get job growth going, he would tell his Republican colleagues to stop blocking the president's proposals.” [6/21/12]

ROLL CALL: “Entering a crucial stretch for the student loan debate and transportation reauthorization conference committee, House negotiators will continue churning away this week while the floor debate will be dominated by election-year energy messaging.” [6/18/12]

NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL: “The Republicans shamelessly turned what should be a routine matter into a pointless constitutional confrontation.  … Mr. Issa has relished making this investigation a political fight.” [6/21/12]

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