*American Jobs Act

GOP Leaders Struggle To Make the Case for "More-of-the-Same" Agenda

Looks like Republicans are having a hard time selling their “more-of-the-same” agenda that won’t create jobs or help our economy anytime soon.

From Roll Call:

“Unfortunately for Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) and his Conference, the glow might be fleeting, in part because of the party’s difficulty selling the rest of its jobs agenda to the public.”

“Republican leaders have struggled to make the case for the agenda, which is based on deregulation, reductions in spending and tax cuts, thanks to a series of fiscal crises, the esoteric nature of much of their agenda and a sometimes raucous caucus that has thrown them off message.”

“‘We just haven’t made the sale yet,’ a Republican lawmaker conceded recently, saying that while the GOP firmly believes in the proposals, voters are not sold.”

“But the public remains deeply skeptical of Republicans on jobs and the economy, with consistent polling showing the public trusts President Barack Obama more for his handling of the economy than Congressional Republicans.”

Meanwhile, poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans support the American Jobs Act and agree with Democrats that all Americans should contribute their fair share to help create jobs. And with economists estimating that the American Jobs Act will create jobs and boost our economy now, there’s no reason for Republicans to continue pursuing their partisan agenda that Americans don’t support and won’t help put Americans back to work now.