Make It In America

GOP Focused On More-Of-The-Same Agenda, Not A Jobs Plan

Today, Majority Leader Cantor unveiled a more-of-the-same agenda that isn’t a plan to create jobs. In their first eight months in the House majority, Republicans did not put forward a jobs plan and wasted taxpayer money trying to repeal Democratic policies that protect middle class families and seniors. And from what we’ve seen today, Republicans will return to Washington next week without a real plan to create jobs or grow the economy.

Need evidence it’s a retread of past policies that are more about ideology than about job creation?


“House Republicans have laid out their fall jobs agenda, and it mostly revolves around killing environmental and labor regulations…”

“For good measure, they’re also planning another round of attacks on the health care reform law.”

“Republicans seem particularly focused on overturning EPA regulations – some that haven’t been finalized or even proposed.”


“If the House ran America, what would America look like?”

“It would have no more sweeping health-care law. The House voted to repeal that in January. It would have no more federal limits on greenhouse gases. The House voted to ax them in April. And it would not have three government programs for homeowners in trouble on their mortgages. The House voted to end them all.”

“On major issues such as health care, climate change and bad mortgages, the House has affirmed that some new fix would be needed — if it can ever manage to repeal the old one. It just hasn’t said exactly what those fixes should be.”

“‘For substance reasons, and for credibility reasons, we also need to have a comprehensive ... alternative that goes beyond saying, ‘Your plan is bad,’’ [Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)] said. If that’s the entirety of the GOP message, he said, ‘then people will be very skeptical of our ability to lead. And with good reason.’”

Americans need a plan to create jobs – which Republicans still don’t have. Democrats do have a plan, and we hope Republicans will work with us to move the Make It In America plan forward to support job creation by providing an environment for businesses to innovate and make products here in the U.S., which will help more middle-class families Make It In America.