*Government Shutdown

GOP Contradictions

For almost a week, House Republicans have been playing partisan games on the House Floor, refusing to allow the Senate’s clean government funding bill on the House Floor. But according to National Journal, they claim to want an end to the Republican government shutdown as quickly as possible:

’We're trying to get the government open as quickly as possible,’ House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said at a Wednesday press conference when asked about the convergence of negotiations.”

“Rep. James Lankford of Oklahoma, chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, echoed Cantor in an interview with National Journal Daily. ‘I don't think anyone wants to stretch this out for two weeks; I'd like to resolve it this afternoon,’ Lankford said Wednesday. ‘I don't believe there's any argument for stretching this out for two weeks, like it provides us some sort of mythological leverage once we get there.’”

Then why have they blocked House Democrats from offering a clean government funding bill that would end the GOP shutdown instantly over and over again? If they are serious about an immediate end to the government shutdown, all they have to do is allow House Democrats to offer the Senate’s bill for a vote.