GOP Budget Exposes Rift, "Riles Some of the Right"

It’s been a rough week for House Republicans as they continue to struggle with division among the party over their budget that ends the Medicare guarantee and hurts our economic recovery:

From Roll Call:

“Paul Ryan Budget May Expose GOP Rift”

“As House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s financial blueprint wends its way to the floor with reluctant GOP support, Members and staff are stricken with a resounding sense of ‘Here we go again.’”

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) said Wednesday that it is ‘realistic’ that a CR at the end of this year could maintain spending levels closer to those in the Budget Control Act than Ryan’s budget.

Some Republicans worry privately that the unflinching conservative flank of the GOP could expose the party to attacks that it is yet again risking a government shutdown. That criticism, they said, could endanger the House majority and a potential takeover of the Senate.”

“There are signs, though, that conservatives are still itching for a fight and would not so easily accept a CR at current levels.”

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, a veteran appropriator, said that dynamic has led to frustration among his peers, who say they are unable to do their work. ‘There are some people who won’t vote for anything which represents to them too large an appropriation,’ the New Jersey Republican said.”

From the NY Times:

House G.O.P. Budget Riles Some on the Right…”

On the right, the conservative political action committee Club for Growth said the budget ‘falls short’ by not balancing the budget in a decade and nullifying automatic, across-the-board spending cuts agreed to in last summer’s Budget Control Act in the event that a special select committee on deficit reduction failed to agree on bipartisan deficit controls.”

The Ryan plan’s most immediate problems will come from the right. Representative Tim Huelskamp, Republican of Kansas, said the plan did not cut spending as much as he promised he would in his maiden run for Congress in 2010. He also objected to ’reneging’ on the debt deal of July…”