GOP Amendment Suppresses Right to Vote

One would think that House Republicans would be focused on job creation and investments that support our economy. But instead, the House is voting on a Republican amendment offered by Rep. Schweikert that targets voting rights.

The GOP amendment prohibits the Department of Justice from using funds to take action against states that pass restrictive voter ID laws, making it harder for millions of eligible voters to register or vote. While Republicans claim widespread voter fraud exists, that’s simply not the case and these laws effectively disenfranchise seniors, minorities, young people, and low-income Americans.

Here’s Ranking Member Brady’s statement on GOP efforts to block ballot access for millions of Americans:

“Not satisfied with merely infringing upon the right to vote, some Republicans are now trying to prevent the Justice Department from investigating and prosecuting potentially serious civil rights violations. Just when we thought we reached the height of absurdity in their continued assault on voting rights, we have once again been surprised by the lengths they will go to suppress the vote.”