GOP Admits to Placing Political Priorities Over American People

Looks like Republicans have given up trying to hide their true priorities.  While Americans and businesses are facing economic uncertainty, Republicans are now admitting that they’re slowing down the legislative process on purpose in the hopes of postponing debate on critical items until after the election, when they hope things will be more in their favor. 

Two Republicans are quoted in this Wall Street Journal article about their plan to delay legislation until the next Congress:

“Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, said some Republicans were willing to see major fiscal decisions postponed until next year, because they are bullish about Mr. Romney winning and the GOP making gains in the Senate.”

“‘Why not wait for the reinforcements?’ asked Mr. Jordan.”

“‘Where is the upside?’ said Rep. Scott Garrett (R., N.J.), a senior member of the House Budget Committee. ‘You tie Romney's hands. If we get a good majority in the Senate and win the White House, we will be on a very strong platform to do the things we need to do.’”

We can’t help but think such cynicism won’t go over well with Americans who want us taking action to create jobs, prevent a tax hike on the middle class, and stop student loan interest rates from doubling.