On Fox 5 WTTG with Rep. Davis Reacting to the State of the Union Address

congressman steny Hoyer, the majority leader and number two democrat in the house of representatives. what did you think of the president's speech? >> i thought the president's speech was not filled with vision and energy that i thought it would be. as he said he was going to race to the finish of his term. it was as you said in your lead in, relatively short on specifics. a lot of time on further justification of iraq. as a matter of fact, almost a third of his speech was on that topic. i was pleased that he spoke about the stimulus, pleased that he spoke about energy and dependence. i'm pleased that he spoke about investment and education, but there were not specific comments and i think it was a speech that did not inspire. >> reporter: iraq was the big democratic issue for a long time, and he is basically suggesting troops might need to stay there for a while. is that something the democrats can swallow? >> well, the democrats have consistently said we need to redeploy our troops. it was interesting he talked about afghanistan where now we have reports that the taliban is on the rise. evidence of that was his assertion that he's sending 3200 additional marines. i frankly think that's appropriate. we democrats think it's appropriate. if terrorism is on the rise, it's on the rise in afghanistan. >> reporter: thank you, conman Hoyer. congressman tom davis. what were your thoughts about the president? >> i thought he was specific in a number of areas and laid down the gauntlet in congress. we have three trade agreements backed up that are of critical importance that are not being moved up here. no child left behind, reauthorization hasn't moved forward at this point and he's thrown that before us this year. and a number of other areas he talked about entitlement reform and what's happening with the baby boomers retiring and earmark reform. all of these have been challenges to us and if he's tired of it, he's -- it's because he's brought them up year after year and nothing has happened. >> reporter: he talked about progress but not arriving it by pulling out too many troops precipitously. >> i think we all agree with that. wet is at what point if the iraqis don't act can we continue to stay in and i think that's where the debate is. i don't think anybody wants to pull out precipitously and..