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For Immediate Release: 
May 21, 2013


Two months have passed since the U.S. House of Representatives passed a budget resolution, yet the House Republican leadership refuses to complete the budget process. Instead of appointing conferees and going to conference on a budget that replaces the entire sequester, Republicans have wasted time on political messaging bills.  Here’s a closer look at the significant amount of time Republicans have delayed the budget process:

61: Number of Days Since House Passed Budget

59: Number of Days Since Senate Passed Budget

41: Number of Days since the President Proposed His Budget

22: Number of Legislative Days Without Going to Conference

0: Number of Conferees Appointed by House Republican Leadership


House Republicans have long said that Congress should follow regular order when considering legislation, which would require appointing conferees to finish work on a budget. Now that both the House and Senate have put forward budgets, they are ignoring the process they once called for:




Speaker John Boehner:

“Regular order works best.” [1/4/13]

“… informal conversations are underway, and that’s the way it should work.” [4/23/13]

Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan:

“We’re going to restore regular order.” [11/29/10]

“We want to go to conference when we have a good chance of getting something done.” [5/7/13]

Republicans refuse to continue the budget process, afraid of letting the American people see their extreme positions.  House Democrats continue to call on Republican leadership to appoint conferees and finish the budget process so that we can replace the sequester, provide certainty to our economy, businesses, and families, and put our nation on a fiscally sustainable path.

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