Health Care

Former RNC Chairman to House GOP: "Put Something on The Table"

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele was on MSNBC this afternoon to talk about the Republican response strategy after the Supreme Court ruled the Affordable Care Act constitutional. Specifically, he discussed how Republicans still don’t have one, clinging instead to their “all repeal, no replace” health care strategy which has nothing to do with jobs.

From an interview on Hardball With Chris Matthews:

“It's incumbent on [Romney’s] team to lay out a clear alternative to Obama care. if you don't want this, if the House is going to strike it down next week in a vote, you better be prepared to put something on the table for those independent voters out there, particularly the moms out there who have a sick child at home or caring for a parent who has still a lot of questions about all this. If you're not answering those questions, you're going to have a real problem.”

So probably not the best plan for House Republicans to schedule a yet another repeal vote on the Affordable Care Act, when they have nothing to offer in its place…