Former Republican Governor: Florida laws erect barriers to voter participation

Wanted to make sure you all saw this op-ed in the Tampa Bay Times by former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Christ, arguing against Florida’s controversial new voter registration laws.

Over the past year, new measures have been introduced by Republicans in Florida and other states that would make it harder for millions of eligible voters to register or vote. Democrats have been fighting partisan efforts to hinder access to the ballot, and we’re happy to finally see a Republican like Gov. Christ agree.

Key Point: “Good government begins with the voter, and creating barriers to voter registration or access to the polls is contrary to our democratic ideals. The right to vote is sacred, and people have fought and died to protect it… [I]mposing stiff penalties on those who are trying to promote participation in the electoral process in good faith will most assuredly reduce confidence in the electoral process…Florida should be doing all it can to promote more voter participation, not creating barriers to it.”