Floor Statement on Passing of the Bill for the State Children's Health Insurance Program

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... good bill a whole lot better. and for that reason i'm going to oppose the bill. and with that i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: madam speaker, i'm pleased at this time to yield to the distinguished majority leader of the house of representatives, the gentleman from maryland, mr. hoyer, one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i thank the chairman for bringing this bill to the floor in a timely fashion. i'm pleased that we're going to pass ts bill and we're going to send it to the esident and he's going to sign it. i told a physician that recently described our medical system like this -- american health care is an appallingly patchwork together ship. with 15% of the passengers thrown over the rails just to keep it afloat. if you can afford health care in america there's no better place in the world to get sick. you will be treated at the best hospitals by the most skilled doctors with the latest technology. however, if you're one of the americans thrown overboard, if you're one of the 45 million uninsured americans for whom even checkup is a luxury, you might be better off some other places in the world. every other developed nation has figured out how to cover all of its citizens. everyone but ours. we're here today to start fixing that. actually we've been fixing that in a number of ways, medicaid, medicare, other programs that we've adopted to patch the holes, however, that exist in a leaking ship, to make it in a vessel capable of carrying every passenger, every american. we can't patch every hole today, but if i could pick just one leak to stop it would be the hole where we keep our sick children. if you ask me the mo efficient use of a single health care dollar it would put it towards covering more children. i don't say that out of a misplaced sentimentality. i say it because childhood is the most medically pivotal time of life. a child who lives through the first years without a doctor scare, without regular checkups, without immunization and booster shots is in for a lifetime of health danger. that child will live sicker and die sooner. in adulthood he or she will be a less productive worker. and in old age he or she will help swell the costs of our entitlement programs. that is the lock behind the final passage of this bill -- the logic behind the final passage of this bill which brings into the state children's health insurance program as been said already four million children who are eligible but not yet enrolled. quite frankly, as a result of the veto of the legislation we passed in the last congress, four million children went to bed last night with their parents worried if they got sick what were they going to do with the alternative being the emergency room, the most expensive and in some cases least efficient intervention in the health care system in our country. it does what president bush promised to do when he ran for re-election in 2004, accepting the republican nomination as i've said before, president bush said this, ote, in a new term, that meant the 2005 to 2009 term that just expired, in a new term we will lead an aggressive effort to give millions of poor children insurance. those millions of children of which president bush spoke will be added by this bill. president bush failed to deliver on his promise but today we will redeem that commitment. today, the objective of years of work will be substantially advanced. with this vote and with president obama's immediate signature this bill will at long last be law. backed by overwhelming jorts of americans -- majority of americans, we can help raise a healthier generation of americans. that's good for our country, it's good for our economy, it's good for the international community. and in this recession we can lend some vital assistance to the millions of family budgets that are stretched -- literally stretched to the breaking point and the point of letting the health care of our children be further at risk. madam speaker, renewing american health care, bringing the best care in the world, which we have right here, as dr. gingrey knows, have right ...