Finally a Bipartisan Agreement... Well Sort Of.

Today, instead of averting the sequester, the Republican-led House passed the inclusive, bipartisan Senate-passed Violence Against Women Act – so, at least something good happened. We’re glad that some House Republicans actually decided to put partisan politics on the backburner in order to get something done. Now, if only they could decide to put politics aside to avert the sequester by compromising with Democrats on a balanced solution. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Talking Points Memo pointed out a couple of facts on today’s vote that we thought you should know:

“The GOP’s substitute failed 166-257.”

Making this what?

“The third time Speaker John Boehner has brought legislation to a floor vote without the support of at least half his conference.”

Despite the GOP “strong” leadership’s initial decision to block the inclusive, bipartisan Senate version of VAWA, common sense reigned only after they realized they couldn’t get the votes within their own conference to pass their watered down version and needed us to pass something. We hope as the GOP leadership prepares to sit down with President Obama and Democrats tomorrow that politics can take a back seat again and we can end the latest manufactured crisis.